Bottom loading arm

Bottom loading/unloading arms are designed to be connected on the side or on the rear of the tanker and sometimes for both.

Safe, hassle-free loading from the side or the rear of the tank

Kanon bottom loading arms are used both for open loop and closed loop fluid transfer. The “open loop” product transfer uses a single bottom loading arm. A combination of two bottom loading arms is used simultaneously for “closed loop” product transfer. Closed loop product transfer is necessary for low density liquids.

Kanon loading arms are equipped with five swivel joints and a multi-spring balance cylinder. The use of Kanon balance cylinders ensures that bottom loading arms can be maneuvered through all positions with minimal effort.


  • Safer to operate than top loading arm because loading is done on the ground
  • Connections are made more quickly so overall loading time is reduced
  • Kanon's ergonomic design eliminates hard physical work for the operator
  • Simultaneous connecting and filling of up to seven product lines with vapour return
  • All swivel joints are designed for easy maintenance without dismantling the complete loading arm

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