Bottle Cartoning Machine for Spirits

Cognac, brandy, whiskey and other luxurious spirits often come in uniquely branded packaging designs marketed as gifts for special occasions. These luxurious designs’ size, shape, folding, or flap closing can be complex and require precise packaging solutions for a high-quality finish.

Precise carton folding and packing for luxurious bottles

The MAESTRO Cartoner, from Mpac, is an automated carton packaging system specially designed to pack spirits such as whiskey or cognac. The system provides gentle product handling and is available with a dedicated infeed system to accommodate a wide range of carton sizes and special custom packaging. Processes in the system include precise carton erecting, loading, transportation, and closing. The unit has an open flap detection and automatically rejects any unclosed packaging in the process. Production capacity can go as high as 500 cartons per minute for the MAESTRO-c model and 100 cartons per minute. The system is equipped with lockable door switches for safety and Intelligent Machine Interface for information on machine status and changeover procedures.


  • Automatic reject using open flap detection
  • Open frame design allows easy access and visibility
  • Quick changeover through pre-programmed procedures
  • Direct coupling of servo and components
  • Lockable doors for safety