Blister inspection system

The pharma and healthcare industries widely use blister thermoforming machines to package a variety of tablets and capsules. Some packaging may even have different products within the same blister. Thorough control of both product and blister eliminates risks of mix-up and assures that the product is safe to use. An integrated inspection system, ensuring full real-time inspection of the product and blister, offers complete control.

Single solution for inspection of capsules and tablets in blister packaging

Harleblister from SEA VISION is a color vision inspection system for blister machines. It controls all oral and thermoformable material products, which includes white and colored tablets, uncoated tablets and pills, monochromatic capsules, bicolored capsules and soft gel capsules.

An array of blister materials like transparent PVC, opaque PVC, amber PVC, polypropylene, PVDC and aluminium can be handled by the vision system. It ensures product integrity and correctness and checks if the blister package is complete and defect-free. The system inspects the existence of products in the blister cavity and makes sure the blister has the correct number of products. Moreover, it detects tablets with wrong color, missing or broken tablets, or any presence of impurities or dust particles.

Blister cover material is examined for OCV/OCR control for printed data, alphanumeric code or barcode control, printing quality and alucode. The vision system compares in real-time the product or blister test images with the reference models and tolerances and signals the machine to discard the product or blisters that don’t comply. Multi-product management facilitates quality controls even on unlike products within the same blister. The vision system is supplied with a system of optics and LED illuminators to suit the specific product and blister material.


  • Control of defects in product and blister both
  • Accurate inspection of all defects in real-time
  • Multi-product management
  • Intuitive HMI touch screen with no programming knowledge required
  • System compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11