Biogas heating system

Traditionally, heating of wastewater would use boilers and heat exchangers. Biogas is a natural by-product of anaerobic processes whereby microorganisms break down biodegradable material, often in wastewater plants. This process cleanses the water for recycling or safe disposal. This gas by-product can be cleansed and burned instead of natural gas.

Sustainable and highest efficiency solution for heating water with Biogas

The Global Water & Energy’s CALORIX™ system uses a fully automated method that burns biogas at near atmospheric pressure in a combustion chamber beneath a stainless steel tank. Freshly screened, cold wastewater flows continuously through the tank and heats within minutes before flowing out over a constant level weir by force of gravity.

The efficient system also absorbs the heat from water condensation.  As a result, the special CALORIX™ is more than 100% efficient. CALORIX™ is an exceptionally clean water-heating system compared to traditional boilers. It replaces natural gas with biogas thereby avoiding the need for permits associated with large boilers. However, this system also runs on natural gas when biogas is unavailable.



  • No heat exchangers required, reducing capital and maintenance cost
  • System does not require permits, costly boilers, or a boiler house
  • Global Water & Energy’s CALORIX™ is a complete unit prepared for installation
  • A small, compact footprint frees more space for other applications
  • Automatic programmable start, stop, and emergency stop sequences

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