Belt dryer for digestate

The drying of poultry manure digestate requires careful and consistent moisture level control. A sustainable and cost-efficient solution which uses the residual heat at biogas installations can be used to dry wet digestate, then converted to dry and valuable biomass or used as an organic fertilizer or litter in stable boxes.

Save energy consumption with a cost effective and sustainable dryer for digestate

The Dorset drying system uses the residual heat produced at biogas installations for the drying of manure and digestate remaining after anaerobic processes. It can be used year-round and is a cost-efficient alternative to the emergency cooler. The electricity consumption on this system is relatively low. It also keeps the airflow through the product extremely low, to prevent dust from being generated.

One of the primary technical advantages of the belt dryer for digestate is its smooth coated perforated steel plates. Its sturdy belt permits a thick layer of manure (15 – 18 cm) to be evenly distributed across the full width of the plates, ensuring a highly efficient drying process. The efficiency of the belt allows the dryer to be constructed in a compact configuration.

The dryer operates fully automatically and requires no manual input. It can be monitored remotely if required. It can help you achieve various end products depending on the input and the techniques used.


  • Lowers costs of energy consumption
  • Does not require pre-treatment of digestate
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Fully automatic, eliminating costs of manual labour
  • Low dust generation through low speed

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