Automatic syrup filling machine

For large production of liquid products, whether in the food industry, home use, industrial, or pharmaceutical, an accurate filling machine is important to prevent spillage and overfilling while maintaining high production speed. The selection of the filling machine also depends on the volume of the liquid to be filled for each container, as well as on the nature of the product, such as its viscosity, etc.

Filling of liquid products in bottled containers with continuous motion technology

The Linear Filling Machine from Rejves machinery is a liquid filling machine that can handle a wide range of viscosities and applications thanks to its variety of filling technologies. These include: magnetic flow meters suitable for all products having a minimum level of electrical conductivity, mass flow meters (volumetric measuring) suitable for liquid products without electrical conductivity such as oils, lotions or creams, piston pumps that provide enormous benefits in hazardous areas and/or with high viscosity products and lastly, peristaltic pumps – applicable for high purity products such as chemicals, food additives etc.

Production capacity can go as high as 200 bottles per minute, depending on which model is suited for your application. Chosen filling system can feature a “walking beam technology” where the nozzles follow the container and are filling it at the appropriate level.


  • Applicable for most bottled liquid products
  • High-capacity production up to 200 bottles per minute
  • Easy to use with quick access to its parts for faster changeover