Automatic seed sizing machine

Seeds coming from the same plant might have different sizes and shapes. The germination percentage and speed of a small seed are often higher compared to a large seed. For this reason, seeds have to be sorted according to their diameter initially in seed processing.

Accurately classifying seeds by diameter using a calibration machine

The CCM-4800 Seed Calibration Machine from Seed Processing Holland is a seed sorting system that can sort seeds according to their size. The system is suitable for applications that require accurate sizing or calibration of seeds such as cabbage, radish, spinach, tomato, or pepper.

The system consists of machines with the first unit being equipped with an inlet hopper, adjustable dosage slide, and dosing belt. The dosage belt has a variable speed for dosing seeds on the screens. The last machine is equipped with an outlet for large-sized seeds. Two seed containers with a maximum width of 1500 mm each can be placed under each machine.

Each machine has a screenboat that can hold two screens using a pneumatic clamping system. The vibration can also be adjusted to function at certain time intervals. The system is equipped with vibration dampers to prevent the transmission of vibrations to the frame. Calibrated seeds are separated into seven fractions, six lower sizes and one upper size, and can be collected in seed containers or boxes.


  • Capacity: +/- 30 to 200 kg per hour depending on crop and machine settings
  • Saves time in sorting the seeds according to size
  • Less maintenance of screens due to ball box
  • Safe operation due to secure pneumatic clamping of screens