Machine For Sizing Seeds

Seeds coming from the same plant might have different sizes and shapes. The germination percentage of small seeds is lower than large(r) seeds. Larger seeds often have a higher germination speed than small seeds. For this reason, seeds have to be sorted according to their diameter before processing. For this, a seed sizing machine is needed

Accurately classifying seeds by diameter using an unbalanced calibration machine

The CCM-4900 Seed Calibration Machine sorts fine seeds according to their diameter size. The technology is designed by Seed Processing Holland and reaches a size accuracy degree of up to < 3%, making it especially suited for breeding and seed foundation stations. The system separates all kinds of seeds uniformly into anti-static bins and calibrated seeds are separated into four fractions: three lower sizes and one upper size. This machine is slightly different to a gravity separator because it focuses on size/shape instead of weight.

The screen boat of the CCM-4900 holds two screens using a pneumatic clamping system with screen, while its unbalanced motors ensure silent operation throughout. The adjustable vibration function can operate at different time intervals. Meanwhile, integrated dampers prevent the transmission of vibrations to the frame. It is recommended to utilise this piece of equipment on a smooth and flat surface to further reduce any vibrations. Having said that, the dampeners do a great job at absorbing unwanted loud noises.

If you’re running a processing plant and looking to maximise the output of any crop you might be growing then this will most help you achieve that. Furthermore, that applies to all crops that are grown from seeds including various types of vegetables, crops and hemp.

If you’re growing crops in rows, then using the CCM-4900 will drastically improve the sorting process and allow you to use only the best seeds to ensure a successful harvest.


  • Calibration accuracy to < 3 %
  • Inlet container capacity of ± 45 litres
  • The vibration unit prevents clogging
  • All kinds of vegetable, crop, and hemp seeds
  • Silent operation with unbalanced motors