Automatic lipstick filling machine

Lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses are very popular cosmetic products that require highest quality in the end product. Traditional lipstick filling solutions can struggle to maintain the temperatures required throughout the production process to achieve a high-quality result. A modern production system with innovative temperature control methods can eliminate thermal shock and produce large volumes of high-quality lipstick.

High quality lipstick production using accurate temperature control

The Contact SM Series from CMI Industries is a range of fully and semi-automatic lipstick fillers that has been designed from the ground up to produce the highest quality end-product.

With production volumes ranging from 400 up to 3,600 pieces per hour, the Contact series contains models that can suit all levels of production.

The key patented technology that makes the Contact series unique is its temperature control systems. Innovations include mould pre-heating, double melting unit, and 2 or 3-step cooling process, all designed to ensure the quality of the final product is perfect.

Volumetric dosing with full electronic control comes as standard, and the diving nozzles used to fill the moulds have full control of the raising speed based on the speed of the dose. This allows the machine to easily adapt to a range of recipes.

Along with this flexibility comes an extremely easy changeover process, with metal and silicone soft moulds available.

The specially-designed cooling tunnel uses an innovative 3-stage cooling system. This gives the perfect temperature profile, eliminating defects such as streaking or pitting in the final stick.



  • Innovative temperature controls for excellent product quality
  • Rapid changeover reduces downtime
  • Available in a range of throughput to suit your exact needs
  • Energy efficient - energy recovery systems on heating and cooling side
  • Can be used to make a wide range of sticks in different sizes and shapes