Automated cell culture clarification system

Efficient harvest from the bioreactor is essential to any successful cell culture process but is often labor intensive as laboratory personnel closely monitor and adjust filtration process parameters.  Experienced bioprocessors know that investment in automation of the harvest process yields higher quality, enhanced safety, and better efficiency, giving them an edge over competitors.

Walk-away automation of your cell culture harvest process

Scilog is focused on improving the quality and efficiency of customers’ processes in the biopharmaceutical industry through enhancements and automation of sensing, filtration and other processing needs.  The company’s HarvestClear filtration system is a combination of Scilog’s fluid handling technology and pressure sensing with a single use filtration manifold optimized to clarify high cell density bioreactor outputs.  Three sizes are available to accommodate bioreactor outputs from 1L to 20L.  The fluid handling system is based on an automated laboratory scale NFF system with electronic HMI and specialized software.  The system’s pre-installed software allows user selectable limits and alarms for safe, consistent process performance without constant operator attendance.  The system responds to sensor feedback to maintain user-defined filter back pressure or filtrate flow rates.  A disposable pressure sensors and optional integrated electronic scale are included as well as a programmable peristaltic pump allowing completely unattended NFF processing of bioreactor outputs to user specified parameters.  Filter manifolds are provided in a gamma-irradiated sterile and pre-flushed state ready for use.  Once the user defined parameters are entered, the system can run unattended freeing personnel to focus on other tasks.


  • Easy to use HMI with user defined process parameters and alarm/limit values
  • Includes disposable pressure sensors and responds to sensor feedback to optimize filtration process
  • Ensure efficient harvest of high cell density bioreactor outputs
  • Free personnel to focus on more value added tasks as system runs without intervention
  • Constant flow rate or constant pressure operation