Ash handling systems for industrial biomass boilers

The increasing use of solid fuels including biomass for energy conversion has resulted in new and increased demands for ash handling systems.  The wide variety of fuels being burned in modern energy conversion plants has also contributed to the need for more capable and carefully designed ash handling systems.

A complete ash handling solution customized to your application by industry experts

Raumaster has been working in the wood processing and energy industries in Finland for over 30 years.  The company is a world renowned expert in biomass material handling solutions and offers a line of ash handling systems that can handle today’s wide mix of solid combustion by-products over a wide range of capacities.  Raumaster’s ash handling systems cover bottom ash, fly ash, and precipitator and filter ash.  They include equipment for cooling, conveying, pre-screening, ferrous material removal, screening, storage, and wet and dry unloading.  In short, a complete solution is provided for any ash handling challenge and Raumaster’s solutions are always customized to specifically match the needs of the customer’s unique application.  As the needs of the biomass energy conversion industry have changed, the company has continually upgraded its product offering in order to be able to provide an optimized ash handling solution for even the most difficult customer application.  All equipment is designed for maximum reliability and strict adherence to safety and environmental requirements.


  • Fully customized solution for every customer application and ash handling challenge
  • Covers a wide range of capacities and throughput requirements
  • Water cooled screws and chain conveyors of heavy duty construction used where required
  • Specialized screens and conveyors can transport unburned fuel back to the boiler
  • Storage silos designed by dedicated and experienced designers to the highest industry standards