Air screen seed cleaning machine

The quality of seeds and grains starts to deteriorate once they have been harvested. Thus, it’s essential to remove the impurities and dirt as soon as possible to ensure a high-quality product for end-users. In order to optimize seed quality, it’s advisable to pass them through an Air screen seed cleaning machine. However, a few machines can properly remove impurities, damaged particles, and dirt from seeds.

Separates impurities and ensures proper pre-cleaning of seeds

Manufactured by Seed Processing Holland, the Air Screen Cleaning Machine cleans seeds by separating dust, empty seeds, chaffs, and weeds. Its frame is constructed with steel, while its screen boat is designed with water-resistant wood to ensure longevity, durability, and reliability.

The screen boat can fit three screens, and each screen features a quick closing and opening system. The screens are also easily exchangeable, making the unit easy to clean and safe from seed contamination.

Moreover, it continuously cleans the screens to prevent clogging. Finally, the machine separates the waste and seeds into five different fractions, with the air channel removing dust, chaffs, and dirt from the seed. The air channel is further designed with a glass window, enabling operators to see the separation process.

Lastly, the capacity of the Air Screen Cleaning Machine depends on the type of seed and can range from 10 to 200 kg per hour.


  • Removes waste, chaffs, straws, and prevents seed contamination
  • Accessible screen design makes the machine extremely easy to clean
  • Steel and wood construction ensures durability
  • Low maintenance cost