Air flow classifier

Air-flow classifier (pneumatic product feed) for the fine classification of talc, calcium carbonate, bentonite, kaolin, loam, dolomite, quartz, kieselguhr, pigments, fine-grade chemicals, and so on.

Precise classifications of even the finest particles

The Micron MS from Hosokawa Alpine is an airflow ultrafine classifier designed as an air-flow classifier (pneumatic product feed), that works in a range of approx. d97 = 15 to 150 µm and has as feature its high throughput capacity.

Energy-saving because of the low classifier speed at the same fineness in comparison with other classifiers. This also means a low degree of wear.

Depending on the industry, the airflow classifier can be manufactured in a wear-protected design for operation with abrasive feed materials, and for applications in the food or pharmaceuticals industries, the classifier can be manufactured in stainless steel.


  • Feed disperses in the main classifying air (in-line mode)
  • Conical classifying wheel with inclined vanes
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Low purchase and operating costs

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