Aerobic SBR wastewater treatment

If your industry has strict discharge requirements, it is still next to impossible to design a full biological treatment. However, a state-of-the-art and efficient solution using enhanced aerobic methods converts organic pollution to carbon dioxide and water during wastewater treatment.

A Flexible wastewater treatment Technology for Small Projects

The Global Water & Energy’s SEQUOX sequencing batch reactor series is an energy-efficient way to treat industrial wastewater thoroughly. The process begins when the liquid enters a chamber where the solids settle. Thereafter it enters an aeration tank where microorganisms digest the remaining contamination treating it completely beyond minimal legal requirements.

The Aerobic SBR Wastewater Treatment is ideal for small projects with variable wastewater composition and irregular or seasonal wastewater production applications. It is available as a single tank or multiple reactors. It allows full treatment of the water in one basin. It operates in a repetitive sequence of filling, aerating, settling, and draining.



  • Ideal for variable wastewater composition / seasonal requirements
  • A two-tank system allowing continuous wastewater intake
  • Facilitates energy savings and smaller carbon footprint