Active freeze dryer

Freeze-drying is used for dehydrating high-value products that are too sensitive for conventional drying processes. The product is dried by freezing, subsequently to the sublimation and ice formation, typically with a vacuum and at low temperatures.

Mixing and freeze-drying in one step

The active freeze dryer from Hosokawa Micron uses very low temperatures and a vacuum to dry your product and to obtain it in very good quality. Due to the low temperatures usage the damage of heat sensitive products, such as enzymes, flavors, proteins, vitamins and so on is avoided. Hand traditional tray-type freeze dryers are slow and labor-intensive. Hosokawa’s Active Freeze Dryer ® eliminates these drawbacks.
Typical applications include pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, collagens, APIs and electrolytes; Food industry and in special materials like nanomaterials, polymers, ceramics, pigments, fillers, limestone, catalysts, glass powder and salts.


  • Best Features of the reconstituted product (shape, color, volume)
  • Preservation sensitive compounds and high-temperature properties: vitamins, proteins, enzymes, etc
  • Limitation of oxidation reactions
  • Very low final moisture of the lyophilized product: high stability
  • Compatible with aseptic conditions: production of sterile products