Acid filling machine

Traditional filling solutions are not appropriate for corrosive substances as they make extensive use of metal parts. For dosing and capping acidic products a specially-designed filling solution is required. As well as resisting the corrosive properties of the product, an acid filling machine needs to deliver good levels of throughput while being reliable and energy efficient.

Rotary monoblock machine for dosing and capping corrosive products

The IC series from CMI Industries is a purpose-designed dosing and capping solution for corrosive and acidic products. Offering a pressure gravity dosing system, the IC series features pneumatic valves with viton seals and a no-drop system.

With an in-feed and out-feed conveyor, the IC is able to handle a wide range of bottle and cap sizes. Where specified, format changeover is straightforward, keeping downtime to a minimum.

The capping unit has screwing heads that can be controlled by mechanical clutch or by pressing heads, depending on cap configuration, and have full speed control.

Other options include perfume injection after filling – Dosajet system.


  • All product-contacting parts are corrosion-resistant
  • Pressure gravity dosing for accuracy, with no-drop system for safety
  • Can handle wide range of format sizes
  • Optional changeover system