New food production technology to revolutionize the way we process food

A food production technology company has created a new way to process food using machinery. The company has designed machines that use vacuum filling, dosing, extrusion, and forming to produce different foods. Each piece of equipment can be used independently to process one type of food or in combination with others to produce multiple foods at once. This way, the machines integrate into one food production technology system that lets you introduce all of the ingredients in one step.

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How our food production technology works

Ingredients are dosed in a rotating barrel. The dosing hopper can be customized with different sizes, making it possible to add big or small ingredients. The rotation generates an extensive mixture and ensures the homogeneity of all materials. Afterward, they are sent through an extrusion die that transforms them into an extended product. Once they’re through, hot air is introduced from above and below and forms each piece into long pieces called strands.

Why we needed this solution

Forming, extrusion, and vacuum filling are all processes that require a lot of space and workforce. These processes can also make it difficult for companies to standardize recipes. We created our food processing machine in response to these challenges. Now, one machine can effectively replace three separate devices—and it can be done in one step!

The benefits

Our food technology machine is a complete, compact, and patented transformation system integrating different machines into a single process. It’s an all-in-one system that lets you introduce all of the ingredients in one step. This means ingredients are introduced into a holding chamber, so it’s possible to do everything you need on-site: extrusion, dosing, vacuum filling.

How does it work?

Through a patent-pending technique, our system is an all-in-one transformation machine. Each of its stages uses individual machines that transform ingredients into specific products. Some examples are water treatment, separation/straining, homogenization/emulsification, pasteurization, and food sterilization. In the case of; beverages, we can speak of fermentation, distillation for alcohols, and decanting for oils and juices.

Benefits for businesses using our cutting edge equipment

Our machine doesn’t just transform food—it can also make it easier for your business. Vacuum filling allows you to produce single-serve products faster and with less space, while a dosing system is great for making healthy and delicious foods more accessible. The entire system comes at an affordable price, making it easy for you to create even more new products. And that means a lot: After all, new products lead to higher profits, more opportunities for innovation and disruption, better pricing positions, and lower costs of goods sold (COGS). Combining all these benefits into one comprehensive system is no small achievement—it’s why so many experts call our technological innovation a game-changer. Are you ready?

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