Crafting Your Beer Story With Packaging

Craft brewers come to the market with a story to tell. Standard packaging, however, no longer fits the bold, fresh personalities of independent beers that resonate with a new generation of drinkers. Advanced case packaging solutions now allow you to make a statement right from the retail shelf with eye-catching casing of different shapes and sizes.

But there is more to a packaging strategy than just slick brand building.

Package outside the box

As a small brewer, a smart way to accelerate your scale-up program is by automating the packaging process. Besides powering up production with fewer people, a packaging strategy also opens your label to a whole range of casing options that make your beer stand out and be noticed.

Case packaging designers are experimenting with new configurations such as carton crates, Tray & Lid options, boxes with conical tops and carry-handle perforations.

The intricate construction of these cases cannot be handled by manual operation the same way regular box-shaped cases are. The folds in standard slotted boxes are relatively easy to form and glue by hand. Alternative designs, however, include folds with different pressure points that require precise application of tension. This becomes even more challenging as output capacity increases.

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