X fold packaging machine for crackers

X-fold wrapping is a popular method of packaging for crackers, biscuits, cookies and similar bakery products. Traditional mechanical x-fold machines can be slow, reducing line efficiency. A modern servo-driven solution not only increases throughput but also allows for quicker and easier changeover and enhanced product handling.

High speed and flexible servo x-fold wrapper

This high quality, high-speed roll wrapping machine has been designed specifically for crackers and other delicate bakery products.

Combined servo and mechanical operation provide high speed and reliability coupled with superb product quality.

The machine has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, and offers the ability to single or double wrap crackers, with or without a tear tape and end labels, and rapid and easy format changeover.

Its ability to accept the complete range of input feeds means it can be placed downstream of any existing line without special modification, reducing installation costs.

The equipment features an easy-to-use touchscreen HMI (Human-Machine Interface), allowing operators to quickly and easily adjust parameters and initiate changeover. Status and performance data are always readily available.


  • Specially designed cramps and electronic film cut for outstanding results at high speed
  • Fully flexible wrapping options, with quick and easy format changeover
  • Simple and intuitive HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for ease of operation
  • Servo and mechanical hybrid operation offers durability and speed
  • Turnkey solution downstream of any production line