Industrial vegetable cutter

Retaining freshness in cut vegetables, as well as retaining vitamins and nutrients, is a top priority. Also, cleaning on changeover must be fast and easy when processing different vegetables on a single machine.

Prepare all vegetable types with up to 50 different slicing options

Brunner Anliker’s GSM MULTICUT 240 can produce up to 600 kilograms per hour of cut vegetables for meals in catering, ready-to-eat companies, salad and vegetable processing facilities, airline catering, care homes and hospitals.
The ceramic reinforced cutting discs effectively produce a draw cut to prevent moisture loss and ensure that the processed food stays fresher for longer.
A mobile unit, with maintenance and service-free induction motor and gear unit, it can perform fine, coarse, shaved, julienned, brunoise, match, wafer, wave and cube cuts as well as making french fries and tomato slices.


  • Produce all common cuts necessary for vegetable processing
  • Achieve clean finish and maintain freshness
  • Run continuously with simple, switchless operation
  • Optimise user comfort by adjusting operating height
  • Changeover clean quickly and easily