Vapor compression distiller

Water for injections must be of highest achievable quality to eliminate the possibility of contaminations and infections. FDA rules and international good manufacturing practices set the bar high. These are particularly challenging in areas where input water quality is low.

Vapour compression distiller for virtually any water quality

The BRAM-COR STMC vapour compression distiller produces water for injections compliant with USP, EP and FDA rules. The distilled water is free from oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine solvents, salts, and heavy metals. Two special degassing systems eliminate these in a pressurised environment.

The vapour compression distiller works with electrical or steam heating or a combination of both. Hence it can continue working at night when industrial steam may not be available. This distiller can operate with virtually any quality water. Continuous heat recovery reduces carbon emissions.

The BRAM-COR STMC vapour compression distiller preheats the water before progressively raising it to evaporation level. A blower sucks the pure steam into a condensation vessel where condenser pipes convert it to water for injections. The internal pressure is above atmospheric to prevent outside air intrusion.

This safe and energy efficient low maintenance distiller has highly flexible capacity. No cooling water is needed to condense the pure steam.


  • USP, EP and FDA compliant
  • High quality output water
  • Pure steam heated by electricity / industrial steam
  • Choice of using almost any available input water
  • Customisable with automatic control