Vacuum drum filter

Manufacturer’s in all fields need peace of mind that their filtration process is efficient and reliable. From mining to pharmaceuticals, vacuum drum filtration is an industry proven method of large scale continuous separation. This technology offers excellent process control, cake discharge options, and a wide selection of filter cloths that allow it to be exactly tailored to your process and your needs.

Continuous vacuum filtration optimized for your process

Tefsa offers a line of vacuum drum filters that can be configured to meet the needs of almost any industrial process that requires filtration.  Many options exist for filter media, cake washing, cake discharge, and unit capacity. Construction materials can also be selected to suit the operation environment and substances to be processed. Process variables can be adjusted to achieve almost any desired separation results.

Drum rotation speed, applied vacuum pressure, load level, cake washing quality, and cake drying time can all be adjusted to meet the needs of your particular process. The units are of a simple, mechanical operation and and occupy a minimized foot print. Periodic maintenance and cleaning are simple and quick processes.


  • Wide variety of sizes available with with filter areas from .25 M to 100 M
  • Agitator prevents settling of solids
  • Filter cloths can be selected to suit almost any separation process
  • Control of process variables such as applied vacuum and drum rotation allow fine tuning of the filtration process
  • Cake discharge scheme can be selected to best fit the needs of your facility

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