Top loading arm

Load or unload liquids from the top of the tanks safely and securely for trucks, railcars, small or big containers, ISO containers, drums of 220 liters, etc.

Safe, hassle-free loading from the top of the tank

KANON top loading arms come in different designs depending on the application. These can be open filling systems as they are commonly used in for a wide range of products across all industry sectors. But they can also be designed for closed filling for highly aggressive liquids associated with the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Loading arms can be executed with or without vapour return or pressure line. They can outfit with top level detection (bubble pipe sensing or electronic). A telescopic drop pipe can be integrated to prevent foaming or electrostatic build up. Adding a press down cylinder will prevent arm lifting or add a drop pipe deflector to prevent dripping.

Kanon top loading arms are provided with four swivel joints for the product line and a counterweight or multi-coil spring cylinder balance system.


  • Kanon's ergonomic design eliminates hard physical work for the operator
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Adaptable to tight-fill or closed-system loading
  • All swivel joints are designed for easy maintenance without dismantling the complete loading arm
  • Compact design, can be fitted in almost every existing application