Three-layer dishwasher tablet press

Dishwasher detergent tablets come either in a single layer or multi-layer form. Multi-layer tablets may require an accurate pressing process to keep all layers intact and to avoid errors in layer weight control. Incorrect layer weight can lead to layer separation that can affect the final quality of the tablet.

High-speed pressing machine for single or multi-layer dishwasher tablets

The Detergent Tableting Machine G200 from Bonals is a high-speed pressing system that produces multi-layer detergent tablets from powder form. This unit can make tablets with up to 3 layers. The system is easy to operate using a touch panel for controls and adjustments to the dimensions of the tablet. Most parts are accessible for easy maintenance and changeover. It has the highest production speed at 1,700 tablets per minute for 3-layer tablets and can produce tablet sizes of up to 44mm in diameter that are up to 25mm thick.


  • High speed production of up to 1,700 tablets per minute
  • Easy operation
  • Quick access for changeover and maintenance
  • Adjustable tablet sizes