Steam sterilizer for food pouches

Aluminium-lined pouches and plastic containers are becoming the preferred packaging choice for many ready meals, meat products and other food lines. Traditional autoclaves designed for rigid containers are very inefficient when used with modern flexible packaging. They can also be entirely inappropriate for products which require only pasteurisation. A dedicated steam and water jet autoclave designed for modern flexible packaging can considerably reduce energy costs, as well as shortening process times and improving product quality.

Steam Water spray retort designed specifically for food items in flexible packaging

The Autovap and Rotovap lines from DFT Technology have been specifically designed for the optimal processing of foods in flexible packaging. This product line’s emphasis is on reducing steam and water consumption while increasing product shelf life.

DFT’s system injects steam which is blended with fine water droplets. This results in a highly homogenous heat transfer environment within the unit, reducing processing time and increasing product quality.

Fine sprays are also used during the cooling phase, and these enter the chamber from the sides as well as above, ensuring an even and rapid cooling. This design means that even comparatively flat containers can be cooled safely and efficiently.

Rotation of the product-holding cages accelerates heat delivery to cool spots within the containers. This can reduce the processing time and increase product quality and nutritional value. Rotation is particularly suitable for the efficient processing of very viscous products.

The Autovap and Rotovap machines can be supplied with a range of batch handling solutions, from manually operated packing supports to semi-automatic and fully automatic batch loading and unloading systems.


  • Designed specifically for pouches and flexible containers
  • Highly efficient, minimises energy use
  • Rotation option available for viscous and delicate products
  • Steam and water spray solution ensures even heating and cooling
  • Particularly suited to flatter containers