Solid biomass storage and reclaiming equipment

Biomass fuels must often be stored for additional preprocessing or prior to consumption in a boiler.  Successful biomass energy conversion projects take this storage facility and the means of moving material into and out of it economically into account and have found reliable and efficient solutions.

Efficient storage and reclamation equipment for biomass energy conversion

Raumaster has been working in the wood processing and energy industries in Finland for over 30 years.  The company is a world renowned expert in biomass material handling solutions and offers a line of biomass storage facilities and reclamation screws that can be tailored to the needs of any energy conversion plant.  A-frame buildings or round silos are available in either an open or closed configuration with the closed configuration being preferred for its superior protection of the biomass fuel stream.  Storage needs of virtually any capacity can be accommodated by our customized solutions.  Material is pushed into and out of the storage facility using our screw impellers which use large horizontal auger screws to push the bulk material into our out of the facility along the axis of the screw.  When needed the additional spreading equipment can be incorporated in to the storage inlet flow to help spread material within the storage space.  This allows for even mixing of different fuel qualities and thus more consistent performance in the boiler.  The screws are constructed for easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals of materials specially chosen for the particular material being stored.


  • Storage of biomass fuels provided by industry specific material handling experts
  • Large scale storage facilities with integrated material reclaimers for moving fuels out of storage
  • A-frame or round silo structures available
  • Long maintenance interval for reclaimer screws
  • Several hundred screw recalimer solutions have been successfully implemented all over the world

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