Software to differentiate between the original pharmaceutical barcode and a reprint

Counterfeit products pose a serious threat as much to consumers as to producers. Standard barcodes are used to mark the items to track and trace the origin of the product; however, they can be easily regenerated or copied and serialization infrastructure can’t always detect manipulation.  A system that can distinguish an original bar code from a reprint could be a good solution against counterfeiting.

Verifying the authenticity of a barcode using a smartphone camera

Thymaris Alpha from Hicof is a software that helps to differentiate between original barcode and reprint. Thymaris works by identifying micro tolerances for each printed barcode by using a software that creates a unique copy detection key that is stored in the Thymaris cloud. Microtolerances are what make a code individual. Using a smartphone camera, you can compare the copy detection key stored in the cloud to see if the printed code is the original one. Thymaris also has an integrated brand protection system with easy integration into existing serialization installations. Thymaris can provide a highly protected account database for managing the copy detection keys and a management interface to obtain real information about the status of your supply chains.


  • Easily determination if a product is real or fake
  • Easy integration with existing serialization installations
  • Software development kit (SDK) to be integrated into existing customer facing apps
  • Cloud based storage

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