Softgel tumble dryer

Softgel (or soft gelatin) capsules are a very popular means of delivering oral doses in the pharmaceutical and food supplements industries in particular. A key stage in the manufacture of high quality softgel capsules is the post-formation drying phase. It’s vital that excess moisture is removed from the gelatin in a controlled manner to maintain the capsule quality and protect the compound within. Tumble drying is the most effective method for this initial drying phase, and a well-designed softgel tumble dryer will yield high quality results in a reduced time, with minimal damage or wastage to the capsules.

Efficient gelatin capsule tumble dryers for a wide range of production scales

The TD5, TD8, TD10 and TD24 tumble dryers from Technophar offer a superior preliminary capsule drying solution for a range of production volume requirements. Every machine in the range is UL or CE certified, with FDA approved material contact parts, and they all fulfil the GMP standards for pharmaceuticals production.  Available in single or double-deck configurations depending on the number of baskets, the TD range have all been designed to offer simple and quick cleanup, easy access for maintenance and inspection, and all employ a lightweight basket design for rapid changeovers.

Technophar tumble dryers have advanced features including variable speed, high frequency blowers, and automatic capsule transfer. All production parameters are set using a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with simple-to-use touch-screen control and monitoring. Built-in heat modules are available as an option on all TD models. The double-deck TD24 model allows for a longer drying time, removing more moisture from the gelatin than single deck models, and thus reducing the time spent in the drying tunnel for the final stage of drying.


  • A complete range of softgel tumble dryers to fit all production scales
  • Simple touchscreen controls for setting parameters
  • Lightweight basket design simplifies and speeds up changeover
  • Robust aluminium frame with stainless steel covers built to FDA/GMP standards
  • Easy access for maintenance, including lubrication, reduces downtime

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