Softgel capsules polisher

The final stage in high quality softgel (or soft gelatin) capsule production is the capsule polish. This ensures that the capsules are cleaned, and that any oil residue is removed before being placed in consumer packaging. Flexible capsule polishing machines that offer a large capacity can improve your line efficiency by matching the output of your high performance softgel encapsulation machines.

Manual and automatic capsule polisher with high capacity

The CPP Softgel polisher from Technophar is ideal for the final finishing of softgel capsule in both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals production. Robust build quality and tried and tested belt and gear drive ensures a long lifespan and minimal downtime.

The CPP has a tumbler basket that can hold up to 120kg of capsules per load, perfect for high volume capsule production lines. It operates as a self-contained unit, and requires no special electrical connections, allowing it to be used in any situation. Weighing just 500kg, the CPP is fitted with high quality castors that make it portable, perfect for production situations with limited space or where production is not continuous.

All-stainless steel, fully sealed construction prevents leakage and any subsequent contamination and CPP is designed and built to FDA/GMP requirements.  Simple controls make operation easy, and a visual light stack alerts operators to faults and when cycle is complete. The basket lifting cover is safety interlocked, protecting operators from coming into contact with the rotating basket.


  • 120kg capsule capacity, perfect for higher volume lines
  • Plug-and-play operation and portable, no special connections required
  • Full FDA/GMP approved construction and design
  • Tried and tested belt and gear drive for minimal downtime
  • Sealed construction prevents cross-contamination from any leaks

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