Side Load Case Packer For Facial Tissues

When packing facial tissue boxes into large cases at high speeds, adjustable infeed systems are needed to load, turn, and position your different box types into the case packer accurately.

Pack tissues automatically into RSC and WA cases at high-speeds

The ALISIO, from Mpac, is a side load case packing system that can pack in regular slotted cases (RSC) and wrap-around (WA) cases. The system can operate at high speeds with an output of up to 25 cases per minute and features intuitive, user-friendly controls with Intelligent Machine Interface for quick, automatic changeovers. Changeovers can be done in less than 10 minutes, allowing the operator to quickly run small batches and switch between RSC and WA cases. Its open and robust design makes all components accessible and easy to clean. The case magazine can be adjusted to accommodate up to 300 cases. The entire system is servo-driven and directly coupled to its components to minimize wear and improve operating life. A modular infeed design makes it easy to handle bags, pouches, cartons, and other types of packaging. The unit is designed to operate continuously with fewer stops for maximum productivity and is rated at 98% efficiency.


  • Robust design minimizes operating cost
  • Open design allows easy access and maintenance
  • Servo-driven with components directly coupled allows minimum wear
  • High speed (25 cases per minute)
  • Quick changeover procedure