Shop coffee roaster

A roaster for your coffee shop needs to breath coffee roasting  tradition and give you hands-on control on the process, but you may also want to integrate a computerized profile roasting system for consistent quality & ease of use.

Gain full control of your traditional shop roasting process with modern technologies

The TKM-SX series and TKM-X Series shop coffee roasters  from Toper R&D  are a favoraite amongst coffee shop owners.
SX is the “super series” of the world-famous X model of Toper to which modern technology and high capacity options are added. Both series are compatible with computerized profile roasting system, advanced control and support options like automatic feeding. The series feature a sampling spoon and sight glass, stand alone chaff collector and an optional afterburner and feeder (pneumatic or mechanical). They come in 4 alternative models with a varying capacity of 10 – 90 kg/h.


  • High capacity cooling system
  • Mixing safety system and temperature controller
  • Computer controlled, simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Automatic feeding and dumping