Serialization tracking system

To accommodate different products of varied sizes, the pharmaceutical industry requires handling many different cartons, cases and pallets across multiple packaging lines. Track and trace operations ensure quality control of data and code in serialization and aggregation. At the same time, the integration of multiple in-line packaging machines across the supply chain helps in having total control of the products. An all-in-one system offering serialization and multi-level aggregation accomplishes that along the supply chain.

Serialization and aggregation solution assuring supply chain safety

Tracker from SEA VISION is a serialization and vision inspection system for in-line packaging machines handling cartons, cases and pallets. The system handles any type of serialization and aggregation like PoDA, PoDA+ or Track and Trace, in compliance with regulations. It is capable of printing, controlling and serializing cartons and aggregating cases and pallets on different machines. As per the ANSI grading control, the software performs OCV/ OCR checks on each code, in real-time. It inspects and compares the codes and variable data with reference models and tolerances and generates a reject signal on sensing a defect. The complete inspection ensures that only correct products are commissioned. The HMI panel displays control results and execution instructions in real time. Different trackers installed on the packaging lines have continuous communication with each other and with the machines, offering full control of products across the supply chain. The system can further be integrated with other controls, if necessary.


  • In-line real-time printing and 100% inspection of data and codes
  • Adaptable to any type of serialization and aggregation
  • Integrated vision inspection system
  • Assures consumer and supply chain safety
  • Follows compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11 and GS1 standard