Self-cleaning filter for sulphur

If you are a small-scale business, the cleaning of moving parts in a traditional filtration system can be both challenging and expensive. When looking for a compact and efficient filtration system with low operational costs, you need to carefully determine an optimal sizing of the filtration process, to avoid oversizing of equipment.

Save time and maintenance costs with an automated candle filtration system

Sulphurnet’s self-cleaning candle filter is an automatic filtration process where the flow is directed from outside to the inside. The pressure filters with vertical hanging candles are placed with equal distance between them in a vertical tank. The liquid from the intake valve flows through the filters which allows the suspended particles to be collected on the candles. These particles accumulate to form a cake on the candles. When the required level of purity is attained, the liquid is let out through the outlet valve. During this entire process, the cake formed will remain on the filter media surface. This cake can be cleared out during the backflush cycle, as the filter media expands and changes shape which leads to the cake cracking and dropping.

The Self-cleaning filter for sulphur is equipped with candles that have a very low internal pressure differential which leads to higher flow rates. The Self-cleaning filter for liquids is an ideal solution for environmentally friendly filtration processes. Its high level of automation, reproducibility and the ability to use a wide range of filter media allows it to be used for various production processes  such as sulphur processing, amine treating, chlor-alkali, mining and metallurgy and in industries such as chemical processing and food.


  • No moving parts leading to low operational costs
  • Ability to use many types of filter cloths
  • Can also be employed for polishing applications without the use of pre-coat

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