Seed Gravity Separator

In large-scale production, separating quality seeds from empty seeds and other debris – such as stones and soil – requires a high-capacity separator. The separator must effectively collect quality seeds based on the seeds’ specific weight. This method allows the separation of empty seeds, as they are lighter in weight and the separation of stones on the heavier side.

Separating seeds from debris according to weight

The CGM-4600 Seed Gravity Separator from Seed Processing Holland is a system that separates seeds and other debris according to weight, using gravity. The seeds are fed into the hopper and then go to the feeder, which controls the number of products going to the deck. The deck is inclined and supplied with air underneath to make the seeds hover a little while shaking it. The shaking movement allows the lighter seeds to separate from the heavier ones.

The system has a total of seven outlets and is provided with three dividing plates for the user to decide how many separations are needed. The deck comes standard covered with a cotton cloth and has the option to easily change it for a different cover material such as stainless-steel mesh. Other adjustments in the system include deck inclination, shaking movement, and air pressure.


  • High capacity depending on the specific weight of the seed (Approx. 400-900 kg/h)
  • Adjustable inclination of the deck (lengthwise –crosswise)
  • Adjustable functions (air pressure and shaking movement)
  • Easy interchangeable deck cover material
  • Multiple outlets for more separation using dividing plates

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