R&D hard gelatin capsule sealing machine

When encapsulating products at temperatures up to + 80°C, these tend to solidify at an ambient temperature. Capsules containing such products require to be sealed.

Sealing of hard gelatin capsules after the filling process

The BD-3000 capsule sealing machine by Dott. Bonapace is an automatic, bench top, capsules sealing machine (by banding the two capsule portions) with an output speed of 3000 capsules per hour. The R&D hard gelatin capsule sealing machine, consists of 4 sections: capsule’s orientation, capsule’s sealing, capsule’s drying, and capsule’s ejection. The weight of the machine is 70 kg with dimensions of 850 x 610 x 510 mm.


  • High Output speed of 3.000 capsules per hour
  • Fully automatic
  • Suitable for wide range of materials
  • All operations are controlled by a PLC

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