Premium steam tunnel for sleeve application

Maximum flexibility in terms of pressure, temperature and ramp setting and adjustment provides the ability to sleeve wrap an extensive range of products.

Maintain ultimate control over sleeving process for maximum line efficiency

The Karlville SteamTec offers a premium solution for all market players, thanks to external ramp adjustment and process control down one side of the unit. Available in 2 or 3 metre tunnel lengths, there are 5 steam pipes on each side.
Able to process up to 250 bpm, the SteamTec features micro holes that produce smooth and homogenate fog. Steam consumption is 100 to 350 kg/hr dependent of application, with angular pipe adjustment and nozzle rotation at every stage.
A sleeve height of up to 380 mm can be applied to containers with maximum dimensions of 170 mm diameter and height 400 mm.


  • Maximum product adaptability
  • Handles narrow neck bottles
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Smart control throughout process
  • Eliminates requirement for additional insulation