Optical coffee roaster

If you want to see or show all the roasting phases and reactions of the coffee beans, an optical coffee bean roaster is a great asset for your shop.

Attract the interest of your guests and show all the roasting phases of the coffee beans

The optical coffee roaster from Toper R&D is in great demand for places like cafes, coffee shops, points of sale and even to household kitchens. You will feel all of the roasting phases and reactions of the coffee beans, hear the first and the seccond cracks while inspiring the unique smell.

The optical coffee roaster has a mini cyclonic dust room and features high-performance electro-mechanical systems. The Optical Roaster is equipped with a digital temperature controller and mini processor with a storage capacity for 4 separate roasting profiles.


  • Ease-to-use and clean
  • Automatic cooling
  • 4 separate adjustable roasting profiles
  • High performance, ideal when roasting the coffee beans

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