Manual plastic tube sealing equipment

Working in labs or with small batch production lines where you have to seal plastic or laminate tubes, you will need several machines to complete the sealing process. You can use sealers to close one end of the container, tube trimmers to cut off the excess part of the tubes, and a coding machine to code the tubes for tracking product information. These three steps can be performed by a single machine for a more simplified operation.

Sealing, trimming, and coding of tubes for small-scale production

The Vesta 1C Tube Sealer, from Adelphi, is a plastic tube sealing system that can seal, trim, and mark codes for a professional finish packaging. It can seal plastic tubes of 10-50mm in diameter with an output of up to 240 tubes per hour. The system is equipped with a digital display for heat and a coding timer. The unit has compact dimensions (400mm x 345mm x 700mm) and an adjustable stand for setting the tube height for greater operator comfort. This system is fully guarded near its moving parts for safe operation, and it also comes with a set of tube cups.


  • Wide range of tube sizes (10-50mm)
  • Output up to 240 tubes per hour
  • 3 in 1 (sealing, trimming, and coding)
  • Safe to operate
  • Compact size, can fit in a small workbench (400mm x 345mm x 700mm)