Laboratory mill for small batches

The Alpine Picoline is a series of miniature laboratory machines for processing samples down to 1 gram. The Picoline is ideally suited for research and development or for manufacturing expensive materials such as nano-particles, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics, and specialty chemicals.

Designed for ease of operation, maintenance, and cleanability

Picoline from Hosokawa Alpine is a new series of eight individual machines specifically designed for the production of very small batches of between <1g and several grams.

The Alpine Picoline equipment maintains, in miniature, the top engineering standards and leading-edge technology. With machines in the Alpine Picoline series for size reduction, classifying, and mixing.

Because the principle of operation of the Alpine Picoline machines is the same as that of large production-scale machines, R&D departments can be confident that the transfer of a manufacturing process developed using a Picoline machine to a production-scale machine will be smooth and problem-free.



  • Offer early-stage development opportunities at low capital investment costs
  • Ideally suited to research and product development or for manufacturers of expensive materials
  • Wide range of applications: nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics, specialty chemicals, or new functional materials
  • The modular platform design of the Picoline saves space
  • All of the functions can be scaled up for pilot and large production

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