Laboratory GMP cooler for hot melt extrusion

Pharmaceutical R&D and laboratory extrusion of viscous hot melt masses requires a GMP design, FDA approved cooler that meets the highest demands of industry whilst being compact and easy to use for small batch production.

Small batch and laboratory GMP hot melt extrusion cooler

The BBA Innova CCR-20/12-PH is an innovative cooler using Chilled Cooling Rolls technology to solidify product after passing through a hot melt extruder, which is then passed to a built-in flaker.

Designed specifically for small scale and lab pharmaceutical operation, the CCR-20/12-PH is compact, portable and easy to set and use. Suitable for GMP environments thanks to the complete separation of drive and processing sections, the unit has been designed to be easy to clean to the highest required standards for pharma applications.

All-FDA approved materials are used throughout and product contacting components are all removable simply, without the need for tools.

With a maximum throughput of 10kg per hour, this unit is ideal for testing and for small batch production. All parameters that have been used in testing can be directly upscaled to the production version cooler, making this part of the ideal combination for R&D.


  • Results are directly scalable to production size CCR, making this ideal for R&D
  • GMP and FDA approved materials - designed from the ground up for pharmaceutical use
  • Easy handling, fast cleaning and quick retrofitting minimises your down time
  • Fully adjustable calender nip to precisely control product layer thickness