In-line cement packer

The cement industry requires efficient and reliable packaging solutions for the transportation and distribution of final products. Customized packing solutions allow cement producers to maximize throughput and avoid disruptions caused by final product dispatch issues.

A customized inline bag packer with up to 4 spouts

Claudius Peters’ In-line cement packer, is a modular system for packing bags of cement products. Units are available with up to 4 spouts. The design is fully modular and readily sized to meet the customer’s output demands and available plant space. Filling is achieved with either fine or course material flows and fill weight of each bag is controlled electronically. A fully integrated central de-dusting system is integrated into the machine.


  • Up to 4 spouts available on linear packers
  • Automatic bag seat adjustment
  • Modular design allows easy expansion of capacity as plant production increases