Horizontal Agitated Media Mill

If you are looking for high end-product fineness for suspensions with good flow properties with a steep particle size distribution, a horizontal agitated media mill can be a good solution. Often used for wet materials like chemicals, foodstuffs, metals, pigments, and paints.

Continuous wet milling of particles down to the submicron range

The Agitated Media Mill AHM from Hosokawa Alpine is a horizontal, cylindrical milling chamber that is universal in use for the continuous wet milling of particles down to the submicron range. This horizontal milling chamber was especially designed for suspensions with good flow properties where a steep particle size distribution and high end-product fineness are demanded.

Ball mills rotate around a horizontal axis, partially filled with the material to be ground plus the grinding medium. The mill is suitable for both continuous and batch operations, also available in sizes suitable for the laboratory, the testing center or for large-scale production.

Chemicals, minerals, PCC, ceramics, foodstuffs, metals, pigments, paints (mass production), laboratory, nanoparticles, abrasives, pharmaceutics. This mill is suitable for small amounts of product and for development trials, also in the nanotechnology sector. Extremely small grinding beads (< 0.2 mm) can be employed with this mill, and investigations regarding the stabilization of suspensions in the submicron range can be executed.


  • Enclosed and horizontal agitated media mill for circuit and single-pass mode
  • Universal in use
  • The modular design of rotor and mill housing make the wear-protection elements easy to exchange
  • Maintenance of the separating element possible without having to empty the mill
  • Easy access for cleaning and service