High sensitivity X-ray inspection system

This is the X-ray inspection system you need for detecting contaminants that are difficult to detect. Using high sensitivity sensors, the system features supplementary inspection functions such as “Package Check”.

Ultra high definition X-ray for low-contrast contaminant detection

The KD74-h series from Anritsu has maximum detection sensitivity, i.e. it can detect a metal ball of 0.2-mm dia at production line speed. The sensors make it possible to detect low-contrast contaminants such as bone and plastics. The additional “Package Check” function made it possible to detect the contents trapped in the packaging seal wrap.

The four high definition models of this series are: KD7405CWT and KD7405DWH (for minute metals). Others are KD7416DWH and KD7417DWH for wide-conveyor type available. The X-ray output is maximum 350 Watts.


  • User-friendly and supports faster operations
  • Offer high resolution X-ray images
  • Original algorithm is tuned to match the new sensor
  • Superior sensitivity