High capacity drum cooler for hot melt extrusion

Large scale cooling and extrusion of hot melt products on a continuous basis needs high capacity, best efficiency performance. The latest generation of hot melt drum coolers deliver better productivity thanks to highly efficient cooling systems.

Continuous high capacity, efficient drum cooler for solidifying viscous products

The BBA Innova CCC 110/140/180 range of high output drum coolers are specifically designed for the most efficient solidification of hot melt masses with the largest throughput.

Despite their high capacity, the CCC range is notable for its compact size making it ideal for any size of production environment. Like all the CCC range from BBA Innova, these machines take the hot product and roll it into a thin film, which solidifies against a cooled drum, and the resultant solid is then fed to a crusher.

All-stainless steel construction has been designed to allow easy access and rapid cleaning, meaning the CCC unit minimises downtime between product changeover.

With a throughput capability ranging from 1,200kg to 2,200kg per hour, the CCC high capacity drum coolers are optimised for increasing the efficiency of your high volume production line.


  • High cooling efficiency allows maximum throughput without large energy consumption
  • Closed water loop for cooling media for ease of use and maintenance
  • Adjustable layer thickness to suit your exact requirements
  • Easy to use and clean, maximises uptime