Gypsum homogenizer

The quality of gypsum and stucco products is highly influenced by the quality of the calcining process utilized in the production. Post-processing of calcined gypsum can further enhance the product’s quality and reduce production costs, all at once.

Enhanced product quality through better mixing and homogenization under controlled conditions

Claudius Peters’ Smart Gypsum homogenizer receives a fresh calcined gypsum continuously at a full temperature from the calciner and improves its quality through post-processing. The material is fed through a vertical reactor chamber with a fabric floor which evenly distributes the fluidizing air allowing the gypsum to float freely in the reactor. Additional air is injected through nozzles in a way that ensures complete mixing of the material in the reactor and outflow of a homogenous product. Moisture content of product outflow is also influenced by the characteristics of the fluidizing and additional air streams. The system can be operated at ambient or under pressurized conditions. Careful control of the processing pressure can be used to determine some characteristics of the product’s outflow.


  • Suitable for use with any calcining system
  • Stabilizes product
  • Efficient production of high strength plaster
  • Optimizes the production of wallboard
  • Reduces production costs

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