GMP Jib crane

Vacuum manual handling systems are the ideal way of quickly and safely moving small to medium sized loads in all production environments. However, for pharmaceutical or clean food production the entire system needs to be constructed to GMP standards. A dedicated GMP crane and support system for your vacuum handler ensures regulatory compliance as well as provides easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cranes and supports for manual handling systems in pharmaceutical and clean production environments

The PalPharmaTrac system from Palamatic is a complete range of overhead support systems for the PalPharmaVac handling systems.

PalPharmaTrac stainless steel jib, bridge and monorail cranes are designed specifically with hygienic and

room environments in mind. The unique profile shape reduces hang-up points for airborne dust particles and makes wipe down and wash down easier than flanged or tunnel track rail systems, reducing downtime.

The crane system has a closed track design with external trolleys. This eliminates the risk of paint chipping associated with conventional systems that use open flange, I-beam or tunnel track.

All trolleys and end truck wheels are manufactured with FDA-approved materials, and white acetyl co-polymer is used as standard for all trolley wheels.

Structural and fastening components used in PalPharmaTrac are all stainless steel. This high strength gives excellent flexibility, allowing for wall-mounting, ceiling-mounting, and fixed floor or mobile base options. The standard jib crane can handle loads of up to 350kg.

Where headroom is low, for example in clean room or isolation booth environments, an inverted or articulated jib option can be used. This provides the ideal solution for tighter work spaces.


  • Purpose-designed solution for PalPharmaVac vacuum handling systems
  • GMP design features specifically for pharmaceutical and clean food processes
  • High flexibility of installation and operation, even in low headroom areas
  • Quick and easy clean down and washdown, reducing maintenance time
  • Improves operator efficiency and throughput thanks to wide coverage and load capacity