Gelatin melters and tanks

When producing high quality softgels its important that the gelatin base is processed and stored correctly. Dedicated gelatin melters and storage tanks ensure your high capacity encapsulation machines have a constant supply of perfect gelatin ribbon for forming into capsules at maximum capacity and with the highest quality results.

A range of standard and fully automatic gelatin melters and storage tanks

Technophar is a leading supplier of gelatin melters. As well as a complete range of commercial-sized standard and automated melters (including load cells, automated evacuation, temperature control, mixing, and PLC with recipe screen) they also supply plug and play melting solutions for lab-scale operations.

As well as high performance melters, Technophar also offers a range of customer gelatin holding tanks, ranging from 50 litres to 400 litres capacity. Options include single wall tanks as well as double wall tanks with temperature control to maintain perfect conditions during the gelatine ageing and setting phase. Pressurized tanks are also available for higher viscosity melts.


  • Standard or fully automated melters to suit your exact requirements
  • Option for full PLC control, including recipe storage
  • Range of dedicated gelatin storage tanks, including temperature controlled units
  • Pressurized tanks available for high viscosity melts
  • All FDA/GMP approved and designed for longevity and easy cleaning