Gas heated mini coffee roaster

Choose traditional gas heating to take full control of the roasting process and obtain 5 – 6 kg / hour middle to dark roast.

Roast 50 grams to 1 kilo with the world’s most capable mini coffee roaster

The Cafemino Gas from Toper R&D is a gas heated mini coffee roaster that can use LPG, LNG or natural gas heated thermal transfer.  The roaster guarantees a premium roasting, obtaining the finest result in a short time, taking 10 mins for brown a roast and 12 mins for dark roast. It features electronic ignition, gas failure safety and pilot UL certified electric panel and gas equipment’s fire prevention system, a batch capacity of 50 – 1,000 gr for green coffee beans, a stand alone cyclone chaff collector and hot air regulation valve.


  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Secure safety due to its digital controls and instruments with electronic ignition
  • Easily attained high-quality roasting of the coffee beans