Fully automated dishwasher tablet press

The process of making dishwasher tablets that have more than one layer is very delicate because an inadequate ratio of the size of the layers could lead to delamination. To avoid delamination, it is crucial that multilayer tablets are appropriately pressed.

Medium speed rotary press with a flexible feeding system

The M150 Rotary press from Bonals is a press machine for the production of multi-layer detergent tablets from any powder type and shape. It is equipped with double punch technology and a flexible feeding system. The M150 speeds up to 900 tabs/min. Cleaning is fast and efficient due to the 360° access to the compacting area; this guarantees a quick changeover and maintenance as well which will help to improve the product quality.


  • Customized tablets upon request
  • Quick changeover
  • Reduced powder waste: less than 2%
  • Up to 900 tabs/min
  • Compact size