Flexible enclosures

Maintaining the purity of products as well as avoiding worker exposure to potentially harmful substances are critical to any biotech process and often there is no better way than a glove box to achieve these goals while allowing for manual handling of the materials. Experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturers know that equipment designed for general industry use often falls short and rigid containment and transfer solutions for the biotech industry are often awkward and inefficient. Producers that embrace flexible solutions designed specifically for the challenges of our industry will find an advantage over competitors.

A quickly implemented, low capital expenditure glove box for the biotech industry with excellent operator ergonomics

ILC Dover is an industry leader in contained material handling solutions for high-tech manufacturers and end users including NASA.  Making use of the company’s ArmorFlex brand of rugged plastic film designed for the biotech industry, the DoverPac Flexible Containment Technologies line of containment solutions are a glove boxes ready to be used to support your process with little capital expenditure and low implementation time.  The glove boxes consist of a stainless steel frame built to your requirements that is lined with a layer of ArmorFlex film.  The Armorflex is clear and highly flexible but is supported by the frame to form a convenient operator workspace.  Gloves and sleeves are integrated into the film and supported at the front of the frame.  Using these sleeves, an operator can manipulate items in the chamber without risk of exposure to contamination. The use of the simple frame and flexible clear plastic film make these units less expensive than traditional glove boxes while allowing better operator ergonomics by avoiding a fixed rigid containment box and limited viewing ports.


  • Low capital expenditure
  • Low implementation time from design to production
  • Improved operator ergonomics
  • Armorflex plastic film is trusted in a wide variety of containment applications